3 Important Man Overboard Recovery Methods Used At Sea


Man overboard is a potentially dangerous situation for a ship at sea. Among the many threats that could undermine the proper course of the voyage of a vessel, accidents related to man falling overboard is one of them. Unfortunately, according to a report, a high percentage of all overboard incidents end in death. It is therefore very important for the ship personnel to act immediately and execute the correct recovery methods so that the life of the person in water is not endangered.

Some of the reasons why seafarers go overboard in the sea are:

  • Accidents such as loosing footing on deck, being swept overboard by waves
  • Being pulled by mooring ropes
  • Falling from an accommodation or ladder
  • Climbing on to or sitting on the ship’s railings
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Working in low visibility or in rough sea conditions

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