Marine Officers Training Academy (MOTA)

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Profile Of Marine Officers Training Academy (MOTA)

Marine Officers Training Academy was established in Pondicherry in 1998 with the idea of providing professional guidance and assistance to youth interested in taking up Merchant Navy as career. The Academy started with mere 18 ratings as first batch, grew rapidly and 80 ratings at present, have passed out 8 batches successfully.

Marine Officers Training Academy started Pre-Sea training for ratings at Periyakattupalayam, Pondicherry with a modern campus, offering some of the best facilities in the country today. All its courses have been approved by D.G. Shipping, Ministry of Shipping (GOI).

Modern Facilities at the Academy

1. Classrooms and Teaching Aids:
The academy has five classrooms, which can be comfortably accommodate about 80 students. All classrooms have individual table and chairs for each candidates and rostrum for the instructor. The classrooms are equipped with white writing boards, wall-mounted screens for viewing multimedia presentations, over head projectors & projector slides. The classrooms are also are also equipped with multimedia projector and VCR / VCD players to view Marine and onboard safety video cassettes and softwares, and wall mounted posters.

2. Hostel and Mess Facility :
As per requirements of the Directorate General of Shipping, the pre-sea training is a fully residential course. The dormitory type accommodations for trainees, which at any given time cater to the needs of 80 students. The Academy provided independent bunks to each trainee. Mattresses, pillows, bed covers and blankets are also provided to each trainee by the Academy. The Academy has a first-rate Trainees’ Mess where ample care is taken to provide a nutritious diet (both non-vegetarian and vegetarian) to our trainees.

3. Text Books:
The Academy provided each trainee with a set of textbooks and training material at the time of admission with becomes the property of the trainee in completion of the course.

The Academy provided uniforms to each trainee, which is to be worn at all times during the training period. Uniforms will be supplied to the trainee within two weeks of joining the academy. Therefore the trainees are advised to carry very few civilian clothes with them.

5. Library:
The Academy is equipped with excellent library facilities comprising of the latest books and video-cassettes, which the trainees can utilise.

6. Medical facility:
The academy has a well equipped dispensary with adequate supplies for rendering first-aid .The academy will make arrangement for admitting the trainee to the nearest hospital Any medical cost incurred by the academy will have to be reimbursed by the trainee prior to completion of the course.

The Academy provides the facility for washing and ironing the uniforms and bed linen of the trainees.

8. Recreation games and sports:

The Academy fully recognises the need of offering the trainees adequate recreation during the training period. With this in mind the Academy provides outdoor facilities like Football, basketball, Volleyball and various indoor games such as Carrom , chess, Video films are shown every week .It is our endeavor to enhance the recreational facilities available to the trainees from time to time.

9. Computer Lab& Internet Facility:
The academy is provided with a full fledged computer lab together with the internet browsing center for the benefit of the Trainees.

10. Swimming Pool:
A tie –up swimming pool is provided to the trainees near by the campus