Sensea Maritime Academy

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1. MEO Class IV Enquiry Now
2. NWKO (NCV) Enquiry Now
3. HAZMAT (IMDG Code Course) Enquiry Now
4. Bridge Resource Management (BRM) Enquiry Now
5. Bridge Team Management (BTM) Enquiry Now
6. Maritime English (ME) Enquiry Now
7. Radar Observer Simulator Course (ROSC) Enquiry Now
8. Automatic Radar Platting Aids (ARPA) Enquiry Now
9. Training for Trainers & Assessors (TOTA) Enquiry Now
10. Elimentary First Aid (EFA) Enquiry Now
11. Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FPFF) Enquiry Now
12. Oil Tanker Familiarization (TFC) Enquiry Now
13. Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities [PSSR (Rev)] Enquiry Now
14. Medical First Aid Refresher [MFA (Rev)] Enquiry Now
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Profile Of Sensea Maritime Academy

The Sensea Maritime Academy was formed on 1st August, 1998 with its headquarters at 25A, Royd Street Kolkata- Provide Maritime Education and Training in accordance with the requirements of STCW’95 and as per approval of Director General of Shipping , Govt of India through a continuous improvement system provide professional courses to mariners to upgrade their knowledge and skills with respect to STCW’95.

Provide a framework where its personnel are qualified and proficient in implementing maritime education and training and to improve their performance of educational/ training activity. Ensure that the quality policy is understood within the academy and is reviewed for continuing suitability

The academy consists of 8 class rooms with trained and qualified faculty along with simulator based training consoles..There is a large library with reading space.