Massa Maritime Academy (MMA)

Serial Courses Offered Duration Join Now
1. Masters & Deck Officers Revalidation Enquiry Now
2. Second Mates Function Enquiry Now
3. First Mate Phase-I Enquiry Now
4. Masters Advanced Shipboard Management (ASM) Enquiry Now
5. RANSCO Course Enquiry Now
6. Automatic Radar Platting Aids (ARPA) Enquiry Now
7. Engine Room Simulators - Operational Level (ERS) Enquiry Now
8. Ship Security Officers (SSO) Course Enquiry Now
9. Specialized Training on Oil tankers (STPOTO TASKO) Enquiry Now
10. Specialized Training on Chemical Tankers (CHEMCO) Enquiry Now
11. Specialized Training on Liquefied Gas Tankers (GASCO) Enquiry Now
12. Oil Tanker Familiarization (TFC) Enquiry Now
13. Chemical Tanker Familiarization (CTF) Enquiry Now
14. Liquefied Gas Tanker Familiarization (LGTF) Enquiry Now
15. STSDD Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Duties Enquiry Now
16. First Mate Phase-II Enquiry Now
Note: If you are Fresher, please mention fresher in Present Rank section.

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