Mumbai Maritime Training Institute (MMTI)

Serial Courses Offered Duration Join Now
1. ISM Code Awareness for Ratings Enquiry Now
2. Maritime English (ME) Enquiry Now
3. Bridge Team Management (BTM) Enquiry Now
4. Masters & Deck Officers Revalidation Enquiry Now
5. Second Mates Function Enquiry Now
6. First Mate Phase-I Enquiry Now
7. Second Mates Foundation Enquiry Now
8. NWKO (NCV) Enquiry Now
9. Liquid Cargo Handling Oil Simulator (LCHS-OIL-OPS) Enquiry Now
10. Liquid Cargo Handling Oil Simulator (LCHS-OIL-MMG) Enquiry Now
11. RANSCO Course Enquiry Now
12. GMDSS Course Enquiry Now
13. Radar Observer Simulator Course (ROSC) Enquiry Now
14. Automatic Radar Platting Aids (ARPA) Enquiry Now
15. Ship Security Officers (SSO) Course Enquiry Now
16. Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats (PSCRB) Enquiry Now
17. Medical First Aid (MFA) Enquiry Now
18. Specialized Training on Oil tankers (STPOTO TASKO) Enquiry Now
19. Specialized Training on Chemical Tankers (CHEMCO) Enquiry Now
20. Specialized Training on Liquefied Gas Tankers (GASCO) Enquiry Now
21. Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Course Enquiry Now
22. Elimentary First Aid (EFA) Enquiry Now
23. Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (PSSR) Enquiry Now
24. Personal Survival Techniques (PST) Enquiry Now
25. Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FPFF) Enquiry Now
26. Oil Tanker Familiarization (TFC) Enquiry Now
27. Chemical Tanker Familiarization (CTF) Enquiry Now
28. Liquefied Gas Tanker Familiarization (LGTF) Enquiry Now
29. Engine Room Watch keeping (Motorman) Course Enquiry Now
30. Deck Watch keeping (A.B) Course Enquiry Now
31. Pre Sea Training For G.P.Ratings (Deck & Ratings) Enquiry Now
32. Pre Sea Training For Deck Cadet (Leads to B.S.C Nautical Science ) Enquiry Now
33. STSDD Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Duties Enquiry Now
34. First Mate Phase-II Enquiry Now
35. Refresher Training for Proficiency Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting [FPFF (Rev)] Enquiry Now
36. Medical Care Refresher [MC (Rev)] Enquiry Now
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Profile Of Mumbai Maritime Training Institute (MMTI)

The Mumbai Maritime Training Institute has a commitment to quality training. The Institute is ISO 9001:2000 Quality certified by DNV. All the courses offered at MMTI are approved by DG Shipping. The strength of each class is limited to facilitate individual attention. You can discuss your individual needs, problems and requirements with the Institute and the faculty for the competency courses. One hour of tutorial is arranged daily in your time table to solve your difficulties. Even after your exams, you are always welcome to approach us for any guidance.

The MMTI is headed by Capt. C. L. Dubey, B.Sc. Extra Master as Principal & Owner and Capt. O. P. Yadav, Master F.G. as Director & Owner. Capt. Dubey has a vast teaching experience of about 7 years in LBS Nautical College. Our distinguished faculty include Capt. M. V. Naik. – Extra Master with many years of teachings experience at LBS Nautical & Engg. College. Over all guidance is being given by Capt. T. K. Joseph, Extra Master, Ex Principal LBS CAMSAR & Capt. Indrajit Singh – ex. Captain Superintendent T.S. Dufferin / T.S. Rajendra.

MMTI prides in itself in teaching you what you need to know to be a competent Sailor/ Nautical Officer / Engineer Officer. The MMTI shares a special bond with the students and each one is free to discuss their problems and requirements. MMTI believes that a better communication always works towards a better flow of thoughts and maintains a healthy attitude.

Facilities at MMTI

MMTI and MERT provide their students with good infrastructure such as Air Conditioned Classrooms, seperate Library, seperate dining hall. Students are provided with study materials, handouts. Students are also provided with complimentary lunch, tea and paid accomodation on request.

Unlike other Institutes, we have original charts for practicing chartwork. Navigational equipments have been arranged in the classrooms for demonstration viz. GPS, Sextant, Barometers, Magnetic Compass. Anemometer, Gyro Compass, Navtex etc. There is a well equipped library of IMO, ITU publication & course books for reference. There is a well equipped book shop in MMTI. Candidates can buy books from here. The handouts and notes are provided free of charge by MMTI. Video cassettes being the most effective way of learning are included in various courses in MMTI. We are also preparing for Computer based training.

·         Dining Hall

·         Campus at The MERT – Khopoli

·         Training in Air-Conditioned classrooms at MMTI Andheri

·         Dormitory and 2-Tier Cabins for students at MERT Khopoli

·         Swimming Pool at Khopoli

·         Cupboards for Storage

LIBRARY: The Institute has a well equipped library with variety of nautical books and publications. It is situated at the first floor opposite to the main building at Bhagwati House. The library books are issued to all the candidates and the faculty for reference. The selection of the books includes text books on various subjects, and publications from IMO, ISF, Brown Sons & Ferguson, HMSO, ILO, WHO. A large library of video cassettes are available on various topics. Various periodicals like Seaways, Sailor Today, Water Link, Marex Bulletin etc., are available in the library. The library also maintains oral folios where candidates, after their orals come and write down the questions asked to them by the different examiners.

We also conduct onboard Training Program for Chemcial & Gas Tankers for ratings & officers. Our Distance Learning Programme is approved by D.G.Shippping. It is open for Deck Cadets.