Anglo Eastern Maritime Training Centre

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1. ISM Code Awareness for Ratings Enquiry Now
2. Bridge Team Management (BTM) Enquiry Now
3. HAZMAT (IMDG Code Course) Enquiry Now
4. Ship Maneuvering Simulator & Bridge Team Work (SMS) Enquiry Now
5. Liquid Cargo Handling Oil Simulator (LCHS-OIL-OPS) Enquiry Now
6. Liquid Cargo Handling Oil Simulator (LCHS-OIL-MMG) Enquiry Now
7. GMDSS Course Enquiry Now
8. Engine Room Simulators - Operational Level (ERS) Enquiry Now
9. Engine Room Simulators - Management Level (ERSM) Enquiry Now
10. Specialized Training on Liquefied Gas Tankers (GASCO) Enquiry Now
11. Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Course Enquiry Now
12. Chemical Tanker Familiarization (CTF) Enquiry Now
13. Liquefied Gas Tanker Familiarization (LGTF) Enquiry Now
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Profile Of Anglo Eastern Maritime Training Centre

At Anglo-Eastern Maritime Training Centre we strongly believe that Training of the shipstaff is one of the most critical factors in achieving safe, economical and profitable operation of a vessel.

The Anglo-Eastern Maritime Training Centre (AEMTC) in Mumbai is certified under the D.N.V.’s Quality Assurance rules for certification of training centres. It is the first training centre in India and fifth in the world to have achieved this distinction. These rules cover all relevant parts of ISO 9001 requirements.

The training centre is also involved in making company specific and general Computer Based Training Packages. Anglo-Eastern Training Centre is the author of the MEETS – STCW computer based package for Deck Cadet Training, being marketed by Videotel.

Company or ship-specific programs for individual topics like Ship Familiarization, Operation of IGS system, Hydraulic systems, ODME and Oily Water Separator, etc can be made to the company specifications.

Recently, AEMTC successfully developed and delivered a comprehensive Safety Training Program for the Ship Recycling Industry at Alang, India.